Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Cindy Ortiz, a Director with Lemongrass Spa! Based in Dallas, Texas, I am thrilled to introduce you to this amazing family of products!

My close friend Tiffany had called earlier in the week and invited me to come over on Saturday, March 14, 2015. She was having a foot spa party! How could I turn that down, right!! Little did I know what I would learn and get myself into that morning.

You see, I had been hearing the buzz words “essential oils” and “natural products” the prior 6 months or so as I was searching for alternative ways to treat my anxiety. I had been diagnosed with it in 2012 and was tired of taking medication for it. I did not like the way it made me feel, and I didn’t need the extra weight I had gained because of it. I was also looking for new skincare and make up which Tiffany knew. She was looking too. We were on sort of the same path to find something for different reasons. 

The twins were 15 at this time and going through puberty. They were frustrated because they had tried so many over the counter acne products and nothing was really working for the back and facial acne. I was hearing “we need help” quite often.

As I sat enjoying my foot spa and listening to Jamie, the consultant, explain about the dangers of chemicals in our skincare and body products, I was hearing those buzz words again. I kept listening and learning how certain chemicals can lead to cancer, hormone disruption, allergies and the list goes on. I kept sampling these amazing smelling products then I heard they were also gluten free. Who knew skincare products had gluten in them?? My daughter, Erin, has a major gluten allergy. I knew I had to tell her about what I had learned.

I also knew I was hooked! Products for my twins. All gluten free products for my daughter. New skincare and make up for me. The whole family could shop from this catalog! So, I raised my hand and told Jamie I was ready to sign up as a consultant! Now, almost 6 years later, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. My family receives the benefits of the products. I have received so much more than that!! Mostly, I’ve found something for me after being a wife for almost 30 years and a mom for 33 years! I’ve made amazing friends all over the country, and more importantly, learned to step out of my comfort zone to share the things I’ve learned that have helped my family!

I am thrilled to share them with you now! You’ll fall in love, too, with how they look, feel and smell! So, peruse the website and consider trying the products for yourself and your family. What have you got to lose?   

Love & Blessings! 

Cindy Ortiz 

ABOUT Lemongrass Spa


When Heidi Leist was pregnant with her daughter she became an avid label reader, educating herself on healthier food choices and skincare products. Recognizing that there are many unsafe chemicals commonly found in bath and beauty products, she started making her own natural products in her home after the birth of her first daughter. She began sharing these products with women at home spa experiences and quickly developed a following for her handcrafted body polishes, foot soaks and lotions.

Lemongrass Spa has swiftly grown and expanded its offerings to a comprehensive collection of beauty and skincare products, as well as a strong community, that is the #LEMONGRASSTRIBE. Sharing a passion for clean living, natural beauty and self-care all while giving back to the communities in which we live is an opportunity we’re all incredibly grateful to have.