Lemongrass CEO is Partnering with Mamas Jewels with Cappie to host monthly BLINGO Mystery Host Events!


What is a Mystery Host Event?

Glad You Asked!

  • For every $10 donation you make you receive 1 (one) BLINGO card. (You can donate as much as you want!).
  • On the day of the event, join the online BLINGO game via the link provided after you make your donation.
  • During the event, when you score BINGO, you get to choose from an assortment of gifts provided by Cindy or Cappie.
  • At the end of the event, your name will be added to the Mystery Host drawing where you may win the following:
    • Choose the charity to receive the donations AND
    • Get a free shopping spree with the host of the event
  • After the event you will receive a special shopping link to use and share with anyone that would like to participate in donating to the chosen charity
  • 25% of ALL sales will be added to the donations!

Dates for each Event are announced in the Facebook Group

How Can I Play?

Another GREAT Question!
Start by making your $10 donation below, then go join the BLINGO Facebook Group for updates, information, and meeting new friends!